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About Bluberry Properties

Dave and Michele 

Dave is a native Rhode Islander.  He attended URI and lived 'down the line' while attending college.  Michele is a Souther California girl living in a Rhode Island world for more than 20 years. We live within 25 minutes of the beach houses.

We started this business with the purchase of 36 Willow around the time our kids were starting college thinking that they could live there while going to school.  We also decided we wanted to provide a great place for people to have fun family summer vacations.  The house was a very short walk to the beach and it was big enough for a family to build and share memories.  We have tried to provide everything we would want in a vacation rental.  A clean house to start with, nice beachy furnishings, linens, beach towels, games, kitchen supplies, and friendly advice.  

All the while we were working on 36, our neighbors across the street were preparing to move to the Caribbean for their retirement. We weren't looking, but eventually we made an offer and they accepted. Thus began the big renovation. We took down some walls and ceilings, redesigned the kitchen and some bedrooms, and made the patio bigger. It was an intensive period of time. We had lots of fun and frustrations and we'd both do it all again if we had the chance (and a little more time).

We run these beach rentals our selves. We handle everything from the bookings to the maintenance. We love meeting our guests when we can, which is most of the time. We've made some good friends along the way and have many return guests every year.

We'd love to meet you !!

Michele and Dave Berry